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Buddy icons

Just click on one of these icons with instant messenger open, and it will set it as your buddy icon. Make sure you know where you got your last one, in case you want to hold on to it!


bonhomme evil madonna from the mirror, by malcolm the great movies:  citizen kane, casablanca, happy gilmore fightin' friends icon family guy jimmy page.  we're still 14 at heart hasui prints NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!
shake the crime stick! yarr dwhh the tao haniwa evil ET hungry old man fightin' friends from a peculiar peculiarity, by matt robot!
i need jesus like kathy lee needs regis ! walkin' man yoko?  o no! dwhh AAAAHHHH!!! nekobasu ask me something kowaii desu ne... franklin
nekobasu! malcolm saw this carved into a hand dryer once, and made an icon my hero matt's icon yarr hungry old man from le bonhomme de neige, by malcolm fightin' friends, transparent evil ET tonight, the part of neel will be played by... david cross
ladybug, from babykill by matt sketchy clown... from the spear, by andrew dwhh pic from paris pic from paris i'm the devil! stevie asked malcolm to make this for him... whatevs... i love this picture carriage, from babykill by matt
        bocker! shaking baby, from babykill by matt roller coaster!  ... of evol